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Frequently asked questions

How do we form teams?

Our programs are divided into two divisions, a 5th and 6th grade division and a 7th and 8th grade division.  At the 5th and 6th grade level, we try to form teams by grade.  We prefer for 5th graders to play with 5th graders and 6th graders to play with 6th graders.  We’ve found that at this age, passion for the sport and competition is less mature and developed than their passion for playing with their friends.  By 7th and 8th grade, however, this has flipped.  At the 7th and 8th grade level, we prefer for the student-athletes to participate with others that are like-minded in their approach to practice and competition.

As a parent, what is my role in our athletics program?

Although we do not ask parents to step into coaching roles, your participation and involvement have never been more necessary.  Our coaches need to get to know your student-athlete deeply and quickly.  Additionally, we will need parents to serve as volunteers on game days.  Finally, your students need a verbal and outward expression of your love, acceptance, and encouragement throughout the season.

What should my student-athlete expect in terms of playing time?

While we believe that every student should be allowed to play in every competition, playing time is always dictated by the coach.  The student-athlete, however, will influence the coach’s decisions with their attitude, commitment to the team, leadership, and skill.

Can my student-athlete participate in more than one sport in a season?

All Sabers are encouraged to participate as much as possible and SGCS coaches and teams allow flexibility to ensure our athletes are able to pursue a variety of interests and passions.  Frequent communication between parents and coaches is essential, and games should be prioritized over practices.

Do you cut students from your program?

We encourage students of all abilities to participate in athletics, and our inclusive "no-cut" philosophy is a pillar of our programs.  More than 90 percent of students in the fifth through eighth grades participate in at least one sport during the school year.