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Building the Foundation for a Championship Life


As a middle school athletic program, our mission is to ensure our student-athletes advance to Upper School, college, and adulthood
with a clear understanding of what it takes to win.
  Consistent success on the field or court requires the same personality traits and

habits that are required for success in the classroom and then later in life as spouses, parents, employees, employers, and

community leaders.  Teaching our students how to win and be successful is the true measure of our excellence. At St. Gabriel’s

Catholic School, champions are not determined by the outcome. Rather, champions are developed through the process.


However, the scoreboard is not ignored. Winning (or losing) provides instant and valuable feedback that often accurately compares

Sabers with their opponents. Sabers desire to be their best and fulfill their absolute potential. Therefore, Sabers will practice and

compete with a desire to win at each and every opportunity.  


In everything that we do, we want this experience to be positive for the student-athlete and the parents. Passion, joy, and

enthusiasm are required and must be present to fully teach cooperation, industriousness, initiative, confidence, and skill. We look

forward to partnering with you as we work together in building our student-athletes into Champions for Life.